Instant Magazine opens new office in New York

Instant Magazine is working hard to gain renown as an international content marketing tool for web publications. With recent office openings in London, Frankfurt, and their headquarters in Amsterdam, Instant Magazine has a customer base of 800 clients spanning 20 countries.

Instant Magazine’s CEO, Daan Reijnders says the ambition is crystal clear: “Make the internet more relevant and more beautiful”. After massive growth in Europe, the next logical step was to expand their presence in North America by opening an office in the heart of New York.  This allows Instant Magazine to develop a permanent foothold in the United States and make use of local expertise.

For this, Instant Magazine tapped Christopher Sorge to lead the sales efforts and help grow and expand their presence within the US market. Christopher’s deep SaaS technology experience paired with his love for all things beautiful makes him a strategic asset.

2016 yielded 3 mammoth trends that will only continue to gain more traction with the start of 2017:

1. Zenith Research Group shows an expectation that 75% of all data will be accessed through smartphones.

2. Cisco expects that 75% of all content consumed via internet will be video.

3. Instant Magazine shows a growth in publications from 2500 in 2015 to 7000 in 2016 (a growth of 180%). End to end, this provides for at least 33 years of continuous reading.

On top of currently existing publications, there is a growth in native digital content. More organisations are looking for unique and visually stimulating ways to reach their target, and prospective, audiences.

Opening their doors only as of 2013, Instant Magazine has experienced unheard of growth of 200% a year. This type of traction proves there is a need for a user-friendly solution for creating online publications.

With enterprise clients like PwC, EY (Ernst & Young), Deloitte, KPMG, Volvo and Rodale, Instant Magazine continues to grow their portfolio of brands big and small. According to Daan the new office in New York will further support the international growth.

“Our new office in New York, combined with local expertise of Chris, will help us realize our growth ambitions.” - Daan Reijnders

About Instant Magazine

Modern consumers crave content that's snackable, highly visual and accessible anywhere. Legacy formats like email, blogs, and PDFs no longer cut it — but few brands are aware of the alternatives.

Instant Magazine frees brands and businesses from the constraints of traditional formats by empowering them to produce visually immersive content experiences designed for today's audiences.

Our powerful platform simplifies the production of next-level interactive web content, allowing anyone to create media-rich sales and marketing collateral that's perfectly responsive, perfectly measurable, and perfectly awesome.