This Dutch Startup Wants to Kill the PDF

Instant Magazine releases all new Drag & Drop editor

New York City (March 28, 2018) — Instant Magazine’s brand new Drag & Drop editor will allow marketing and communications professionals to ditch legacy PDFs and slide decks in exchange for responsive communication assets that are interactive and measurable.

Over the last three years, the Dutch software company has seen adoption by big-name brands such as Disney, PwC, KPMG, Philips, and Volvo, with leading agencies like Williams Lea Tag and DDB using the tool to create collateral for their clients.

Their cloud-based creative platform empowers anyone to turn written content into interactive experiences, powered by ReactJS, which render correctly on all browsers and devices. The most common uses for Instant Magazine include marketing and sales collateral, new business proposals, annual reports, corporate brochures, and event magazines.

“The great thing about our tool is that marketers and communications people can take control over the creative process and messaging without having to rely on design or development teams,” said Daan Reijnders, the CEO and co-founder of Instant Magazine.

The Drag & Drop editor emphasizes creative freedom, without compromising on ease of use. Users insert elements such as forms and overlays, controlling their size and position with CSS-like properties, yet never have to write a single line of code. Embedded analytics let them see which parts of their content receive the most engagement.

As content marketing plays a greater role for businesses in all verticals, Instant Magazine hopes to become the standard format for publishing and tracking collateral.

"Our goal with the Drag & Drop editor is twofold: to make it even easier for marketing and communications professionals to create amazing assets, and also to give designers and creative agencies who already use our tool even greater creative freedom," said Reijnders.

About Instant Magazine

Instant Magazine is a content management platform that enables business and brand owners to create interactive sales and marketing collateral, perfectly optimized for any screen. The company was founded in 2013 by Daan Reijnders and Joost Galama. Their headquarters are in Amsterdam, and they have additional offices in Frankfurt, London, and New York City.

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About Instant Magazine

Modern consumers crave content that's snackable, highly visual and accessible anywhere. Legacy formats like email, blogs, and PDFs no longer cut it — but few brands are aware of the alternatives.

Instant Magazine frees brands and businesses from the constraints of traditional formats by empowering them to produce visually immersive content experiences designed for today's audiences.

Our powerful platform simplifies the production of next-level interactive web content, allowing anyone to create media-rich sales and marketing collateral that's perfectly responsive, perfectly measurable, and perfectly awesome.