Instant Magazine appoints Douglas van Oijen as new VP of US Sales

Van Oijen’s new role is in line with the SaaS platform’s international growth ambitions

New York, NY (January 10, 2018) - Instant Magazine has appointed its Chief of Growth, Douglas van Oijen, as its new Vice President of US Sales. The new role will take van Oijen to Instant Magazine’s New York City office, where he will be responsible for scaling the US team and client base to meet Instant Magazine’s international growth plans.

Building from the ground up

In his last 3 years at Instant Magazine, van Oijen was part of a team that grew the Amsterdam office from 12 to 75 employees. He is tasked with tripling the number of employees in the US office by next year. “I like to build companies and hire the best people,” says van Oijen. “I would love to enable the same growth here as we did in the Amsterdam headquarters.”

Increasing access to clients

Being closer to Instant Magazine’s existing US clients will allow van Oijen to better understand and serve their needs. He will also have the chance to tap into the US market’s vast potential. “There are around 30 million small companies here in the US — almost twice the number of people in the Netherlands,” he says. “If we can make it here in the US, I strongly believe that we can be the industry leader that we want to be.”

Bridging the European and US markets

Daan Reijnders, co-founder and CEO of Instant Magazine, believes van Oijen will successfully bridge the gap between the European and US markets. “Having someone like Douglas who is thoroughly knowledgeable on the platform, knows how to navigate the organization, and is very much in sync with the company’s culture is very valuable. One of his strengths is his positive mindset — a 'can do mentality' and the ability to coach and inspire people. So if anyone can pull it off, it's Douglas.”

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