Instant Magazine's new editor is live

13 April 2015

Instant Magazine launched a complete new editor for creating full responsive digital publications. The workflow has been improved so you can design, publish and distribute your online magazine instantly. A new image gallery has been added and you can pick more than 30 responsive templates from the library.

Besides becoming more user-friendly, the new editor also improved its technical components. This allows you to connect with external platforms more easily. Think of social media feeds and integrations with editorial systems. Also integrating with DoubleClick and LinkedIn is optional now.

In 2013, Instant Magazine launched world's first digital responsive publishing platform. This is the first big upgrade since the Instant Magazine software was launched.

“We believe that digital content should be brought as stories. Visual stories. Interactive, intuitive and accessible on any device. The reader should be able to get access anywhere and anytime. With Instant Magazine you create browser magazines in less than two hours, without any technical or graphical skills.„ Daan Reijnders,  initiator and co-owner of Instant Magazine

Innovation is important in the growing world of digital publishing. Instant Magazine is constantly improving its technical infrastructure in order to meet the demand of the customers and to take the next step into growing internationally. Last year, more than 200 companies from 7 countries started using the software of Instant Magazine. Brands like PwC, Volvo, Rabobank, Rodale, TimeOut and Shell took the step to browser publishing.

Instant Magazine is currently used by ad and design agencies, publishers and brands. It’s used as a tool for corporate magazines, employee booklets, digital brochures, newsletters, e-books and much more.

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About Instant Magazine

Modern consumers crave content that's snackable, highly visual and accessible anywhere. Legacy formats like email, blogs, and PDFs no longer cut it — but few brands are aware of the alternatives.

Instant Magazine frees brands and businesses from the constraints of traditional formats by empowering them to produce visually immersive content experiences designed for today's audiences.

Our powerful platform simplifies the production of next-level interactive web content, allowing anyone to create media-rich sales and marketing collateral that's perfectly responsive, perfectly measurable, and perfectly awesome.