This Dutch Startup Wants Companies To Stop Making PDFs

Instant Magazine to release all new Drag & Drop editor

Amsterdam (March 28, 2018) — Instant Magazine’s brand new Drag & Drop editor will allow Marcom professionals to ditch legacy PDFs and slide decks in exchange for responsive communication assets that are interactive and measurable.

For three years now, Instant Magazine has been mushrooming among marketing and communications professionals, with many big-name brands like Disney, PwC, KPMG, Philips, Volvo and leading agencies such as Williams Lea Tag and DDB adopting the tool.

Their cloud-based creative platform allows anyone with content to create beautiful interactive publications that feel fluid like native apps, but are built in HTML5 and work in any modern web browser.

“The great thing about our tool is that marketers and communications people can take control over the creative process and messaging without having to rely on design or development teams,” said Daan Reijnders, the CEO and co-founder of Instant Magazine.

It’s becoming increasingly common to see big corporations put out annual reports or corporate brochures in this new, interactive format — and indeed Instant Magazine hopes to become the new standard. The advantage over PDFs, which merely scale in size, is that

Instant Magazines responsively readjust for flawless viewing on any device, can be updated after publishing, and continually collects analytics on reader behavior.

Now, with the release of the ReactJS-powered Drag & Drop Editor, Instant Magazine will be even more flexible and easy to use. Marcom professionals will be free from legacy office suite software and untraceable PDF attachments, and able to create top-notch, interactive sales and marketing collateral without help.

"Our goal with the Drag & Drop editor is twofold: to make it even easier for marketing and communications professionals to create amazing assets, and also to give designers and creative agencies who already use our tool even greater creative freedom," said Reijnders.

Find out more? Read all about the new Drag & Drop editor in this Instant Magazine.

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Modern consumers crave content that's snackable, highly visual and accessible anywhere. Legacy formats like email, blogs, and PDFs no longer cut it — but few brands are aware of the alternatives.

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