Instant Magazine launches Agency Partner Program

Clients want to work with an innovative knowledge partner: this is a great opportunity for creative agencies.

Instant Magazine was set up by a creative agency that understands how the sector works. Since its launch in 2013, hundreds of agencies have used Instant Magazine as a content platform for the creation of visually appealing online publications. In order to meet client requirements even better, Instant Magazine recently launched the Agency Partner Program. 

Clients want more collaboration than ever when it comes to creating content

From concept to content, and from distribution to analysis: most agencies prefer to provide a full-service solution. However, more and more they are finding that some clients now favor co-creation, carrying out some of the work for themselves. As well as full-service creation solutions, the agencies in the Partner Program now offer the tooling that enables co-creation. There are many possible forms of partnership. Some clients outsource everything, while others only outsource creation, and there are also clients who just want access to the statistics.

Opportunities for agencies

For the partners, Instant Magazine represents a nice expansion of their service portfolio. They can develop informative, inspirational and interactive content for new and existing clients, as well as offering additional services such as video, distribution and analytics. 

Partner page

Instant Magazine brings existing and potential users together so that they can identify a suitable partner. An overview of current partners is available on Instant Magazine’s partner page.

Ambitious plans

There are currently ten affiliated partners. By the end of the year, Instant Magazine aims to expand the Partner Program to include more than 60 agencies from the Netherlands, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Would you like to know more? Contact Agency Growth Manager, Roëll Bakker. or +31(0)20 303 28 22.

About Instant Magazine

Modern consumers crave content that's snackable, highly visual and accessible anywhere. Legacy formats like email, blogs, and PDFs no longer cut it — but few brands are aware of the alternatives.

Instant Magazine frees brands and businesses from the constraints of traditional formats by empowering them to produce visually immersive content experiences designed for today's audiences.

Our powerful platform simplifies the production of next-level interactive web content, allowing anyone to create media-rich sales and marketing collateral that's perfectly responsive, perfectly measurable, and perfectly awesome.